Get Rid of Tonsil Stones

Do You Really Have Tonsil Stones?

A tonsil stone or tonsillolith is a hard white or yellowish lump that seems to be stuck at the back of your mouth, caught in behind the tonsils. These compacted little balls of food particles and infectious material form in the folds of the tonsils and pack down to form “stones” that

  • irritate your throat
  • cause chronic bad breath
  • make swallowing difficult
  • cause unnecessary social embarrassment & discomfort

But you can get rid of tonsil stones. Find out more about the causes, effects and non-surgical cure for tonsil stones

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What you may have already tried that WON’T work

Antibiotics don’t work: your doctor may have prescribed these for your inflamed throat, but they will only work for a couple of weeks, because they are treating the symtoms, not the cause.

Breath fresheners, gargles and gums don’t work: at most, you will gain an hour or 2 of relief from your stinky bad breath before it returns in force to embarrass you and keep your nearest and dearest at arm’s length.

Unless you get rid of tonsil stones as the cause, you will never eliminate that hateful bad breath by trying to cover it up.

Surgery, (well it actually does work), but it is invasive, expensive and rather serious for an adult to undergo a tonsilectomy – and why put yourself through that when your really don’t have to?

What you haven’t tried that WILL work on your Tonsil Stones

To get rid of painful and smelly tonsil stones now and forever, you have to

  • Stop dwelling on shame and guilt and make positive steps to get rid of tonsil stones
  • Find out why YOU get tonsil stones while your friends and family are unaffected
  • Learn to treat the root cause, not the symptoms
  • Understand that surgery and drugs are not the answer you want or need
  • Take back your life – no more embarrassing bad breath. No more sore throat or hacking cough.

Need some help?

OK, you can probably manage to stay away from surgery and antibiotics without my help.

You can probably also convince yourself that you are not shameful or dirty for having stinky painful tonsil stones – it is not your fault & you don’t have to put up with it – but you do have the ability to do something to stop it right now.

What I can help you with is where to go to get the right stuff to fix your problem.

Right here. Right now.

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This program is natural, scientifically proven and fully guaranteed to fix your tonsil stones. Go on, what do you have to lose, apart from those ugly smelly lumps fouling up the back of your mouth. Start the program right now and you will get rid of tonsil stones forever. No more guilt, no more anger, no more tonsil stones!