Don’t cover up bad breath

Tonsil stones will not just go away

Lots of people with chronic bad breath try their hardest to cover up the problem, not knowing what else to do. And who can blame them? Anything to STOP THAT STINKY BREATH straight away.

But ignoring tonsil stones and covering up bad breath doesn’t work.

Unless you address the root causes of tonsil stones and associated reasons for your bad breath, you will never be free of bad breath or the bad feelings that go with it.

Use stuff that really works

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It’s horrible to know that you smell bad and that no matter what you do to mask that smell,
it just keeps on returning. It doesn’t just haunt you, but your partner, your family and friends, your work colleagues, even strangers in the street are all painfully aware of your smelly problem. Standing at arm’s length, facing away from your breath, putting up barriers physically and emotionally.

It’s embarrassing to have tonsil stones & bad breath.

And it’s not just the embarrassment.Tonsil stones are at best uncomfortable, at worst downright painful, giving you an itchy throat, a rotten cough and a feeling that something is wrong “back there” that you just can’t budge.

There are doctors and dentists who will readily recommend antibiotics to get rid of tonsil stones and when they fail to work, recommend a full on tonsilectomy.

Don’t go there.

It’s surgery and surgery comes with life threatening risks. It’s also very nasty surgery for an adult to have tonsils removed.

FIRST try these simple tips

For your bad breath, sore throat and irritation cough caused by tonsil stones, you need to

  • Eat a healthy, balanced diet
  • Brush teeth and tongue morning and night
  • Use a tongue scraper to get rid of built up residue
  • Gargle every night
  • Don’t eat after you have cleaned your teeth at night
  • Cut back on alcohol and coffee (they dry your mouth out)
  • Cut out or cut down on smoking

It is well worth investing in quality toothpaste and mouth wash/gargle products.

Beware of Popular Brands

Some popular brands of toothpaste and mouthwash actually dry out your mouth with their inordinate alcohol content. Some even contain artificial sugars.

If you use the wrong products – and most of them are the very popular brands in bathrooms around the world – you will make your tonsil stones worse, not better.

Try products that are purpose designed to deal with your tonsil stones and bad breath and that keep your mouth, teeth and gums healthy.

Secure your free trial now and be amazed at how easy it is to freshen up your stinky breath and get your life back on track.

Don’t cover up bad breath. Prevent it.

Don’t tolerate tonsil stones. Be rid of them.

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Because you are prone to tonsil stones, it is well worth using specially formulated products that both actively work on the problem and don’t contain ingredients that counteract what you are trying to do. Therabreath is a natural and scientifically proven system that works. And you’ve got nothing to lose (except that stinky smell).